Getting Started with Spock

Follow these steps to setup Spock for your organization. It takes just few minutes to get ready.

  1. Add Spock to Slack
  2. Setup Leave Types
  3. Setup Users and Teams
  4. Create Your First Leave Request

Step 1. Add Spock to Slack

1. Visit our website and click on "Add Spock to Slack" button.

2. This action will relocate to the Slack website, where you have to allow access permissions for Spock in Slack. Please click on the "Allow" button. Do not forget to select your workspace in the top-right corner in the dropdown.

At this moment Spock will install and it is ready to use. The next step is to set up leave policy for your organization.

Step 2. Setup Leave Types

After allowing permissions for Spock, you will move to Spock Onboarding Wizard. There you can configure leave types and users.

 Read more how to setup leave types.

Video: How to setup leave types

Step 3. Setup Users Roles and Teams

Assign roles to users to distribute application permissions.

Read more about user roles.

Make teams and assign users to them to create an organizational structure.

Read more about teams.

Step 4. Request Your First Leave

You can request leave in Slack or via Spock Dashboard. Try to request the first one.

Read more how request a leave.

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