Managing Users and Roles

All users are automatically imported/synchronized from Slack.

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User Synchronization

Users and data from Slack are synchronized once a day. When a new user is added to Slack, it is automatically imported at that moment.

Spock User Roles

Users in Spock can have these roles:

  • Spock User
  • General Manager
  • Administrator
  • Team Manager

Spock User

Spock users are users who can use Spock. They have permission to use Spock Slack App and Spock Dashboard.

General Manager (GM)

GM has all permissions to manage "HR" oriented functionality.

General Manager can:

  • approve all leaves
  • manage leave types
  • manage holidays
  • manage leave policies
  • proceed carryover
  • manage teams
  • access all reports


An administrator manages non HR functionality.

Administrator can:

  • manage users and their roles
  • manage teams
  • manage billing

Team Manager (TM)

Team Manager manages tasks related to his team.

Team manager can:

  • manage members of own team
  • approves leaves of own team

Managing Roles in Bulk

You can manage users' roles in Settings > Users.

Managing Roles in User's Profile

You can manage user's role in user's profile:

  1. Sign-in to Dashboard
  2. Go to Members
  3. Search user
  4. Open his profile
  5. Click "Roles and Teams" tab
  6. Select roles
  7. Save to confirm

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