Leave Types

Leave types are the main elements of your organization's leave policy. Each leave type can be set up according to your needs.

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Leave type Setup

You can configure the following items:

1. Is Active
If the selected leave type is active (if is available to request)

2. Name

Leave type name

3. Approval is required

If leave has to be approved by the approver. Read more about how approvals work.

4. Allow hourly tracking

Enables tracking leaves by hours.

5. Substitute is enabled

If leave requestor can assign a substitute. Read more about substitutes here.

6. Has Allowance

If leave has a yearly allowance. Allowance means the number of days a member can spend per year. Read more about allowances.

When allowance is available you have to set Default Yearly Allowance (in days). This amount will accrue to each member once a year. You can adjust it for every member manually.

Allow allowance overrun - when allowed member's balance can be negative.

Allow carryover of current balances to next period - there you can set how unused balances will carryover to next period. Read more about how to setup a carryover policy.

7. Carryover Policy

Read more about how to set Carryover Policy here.

8. Monthly limit - when approval is not required you can set monthly limit. It defines how many days are limited to spend per calendar month.

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