How to Request a Leave

You can request leave directly in Slack or via our Dashboard. 

View a short video on how to request leave in Slack

Requesting Leave

When you are requesting leave you have to enter the following data:
  • Leave type
  • Leave duration
    • One Day
    • Half-Day (AM or PM)
    • Multiple Days
  • Start date 
  • End date (When multiple days of leave are selected)
  • Note to colleagues (Optional. Note is public, any user can see it.)
When you request leave which requires approval, Spock sends notifications to approvers to approve leave. Otherwise leave is auto-approved. Here you can read more about approvals.
If you are General or Team Manager you can request leave on behalf.

Request a leave in Slack

  1. Open Spock in Slack
  2. Click the Request Leave button
  3. Enter leave data
  4. Submit request

Request Leave in Dashboard

  1. Open Spock Dashboard
  2. Select the "Home" tab
  3. Click the Request Leave button (top-right corner)
  4. Enter leave data
  5. You can see your request instantly in the Request Preview
  6. Submit request

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