Substitute is a feature offered by Spock that aims to help teams manage leaves easily and efficiently. It helps to make sure that when an employee requests leave, there is someone to cover for them in their absence. With the Substitute feature, the leave requestor can select a coworker as a substitute for the duration of the leave. This ensures that the team's work is not disrupted due to the absence of the leave requestor.

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How to enable the use of substitute

In order to enable the use of substitute, General Manager must enable this feature in  Settings > Leave Types > Selected  Leave Type. This can be done by checking the " Substitute is enabled" box and clicking the Save button. After enabling the feature, a user can enter a substitute when requesting leave.

How to enter a substitute

When a user requests a leave of a leave type with the Substitute feature enabled, he can enter a substitute in the leave request form. The leave requestor can then select a coworker from the list of members provided in the "Substitute" part.

How to change substitute

The leave requestor can change the substitute anytime in the Slack Home tab by clicking on the My Leaves button. In the list of leave requests, click the context button on the leave request you want to change the substitute for. 
Select the " Change Substitute" option and select a new substitute from the list of members provided in the " Substitute" part. Confirm the selection by clicking the " Save Changes" button. Subsequently, all parties (new substitute, old substitute, approvers) involved will be notified of the change.

Substitute change during the approval

The approver can also change the substitute during the approval of the leave request. This can be done by selecting a user in the “Substitute” part in the Approval form. After selecting the substitute, Spock sends a notification to all involved.

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