Spock offers to set up an approval workflow for any leave type. When approval is required, every leave request has to be approved by an approver. Approvers are automatically selected based on organization structure or you can set approvers manually to any member.

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After a member submits a leave request, Spock sends notifications to approvers. Approvers can approve it directly in notification in Slack or via our Dashboard. After approval, Spock sends information about the result to the requestor. At the same, time Spock notifies other approvers.

You can see assigned approvers in the member's profile.

How to set up an approval workflow

You can set up approval for any leave type:

  1. Go to Settings > Leave Types
  2. Select Leave Type you want to add approval
  3. Set Approval is required to ON

From now approval will be required when this leave type is requested.

How to approve a leave request

When a member submits a leave request with the required approval, Spock sends a notification to approvers. The approver can approve the request in 3 ways:

  1. Directly in Notification - Notification message contains buttons that can approve the request.

  2. Spock Home Tab - A list of pending approvals is displayed in Spock Home Tab.

  3. Dashboard - In the dashboard in the Leaves section pending requests of approvals are displayed.

How approvers are selected

After member submits leave request, Spock determines approvers and sends them requests for approval. There are 2 ways how Spock selects approvers: 

Approvers are selected based on Organizational Structure

The organizational structure (OS) represents the company's hierarchy. Spock allows you to create teams that represent departments or projects. The next element which defines OS is member roles:

  • General Manager can approve a leave request from any member
  • Team Manager can approve a leave request from a team member

The selection process is described in part Approval Workflow Rules

Approvers are assigned manually

Spock allows overriding OS-based selection by assigning approvers manually to any member. To assign custom approvers:

  1. Go to member's profile
  2. Click on the Approval tab
  3. There is information about the current approval workflow and selected approvers

  4. Click Select Approvers Manually
  5. Choose approvers by typing name 

  6. The approver can by any member

  7. Click Save

Now members' approvers are set. Every time a member requests leave these approvers are selected.

Approval Workflow Rules

The approval workflow follows these rules:

  1. When a user is General Manager his request is auto-approved.
  2. When a user has manually selected approver(s), his approver(s) are them.
  3. When a user is a team member. His approver(s) are Team Manager(s).
  4. When a user is not a team member. His approver(s) are General Manager(s).
  5. When a user is a Team Manager, his request is auto-approved. You can override this rule by policy (Settings > Policies > Auto-Approval for team managers' leave requests). When policy is activated, his approver(s) are General Manager(s).
  6. General Manager can approve any leave request.

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