Slack Status Updating

This functionality enhances communication and transparency within your team by automatically updating Slack statuses when a user is on leave. By activating this feature, Spock will indicate a user's leave type and the duration of leave directly within Slack.

Setup Slack Status Updating (Administrators)

The following steps guide administrators through the process of enabling the Slack Status Update feature within Spock:

  • Access Leave Type Settings:
    • Navigate to Settings in your Spock dashboard.
    • Click on Leave Types to view the different leaves available.
  • Enable Slack Status Updates:
    • Select the specific Leave Type you wish to modify.
    • Within the Leave Type settings, locate the "Allow Slack Status Update" toggle switch.
    • Switch it on to enable the feature for that particular leave type.
  • Edit Status Emoji and Text:
    • Once enabled, you can select a Status Emoji that best represents the leave type.
    • Enter the Status Text that will appear alongside the emoji in Slack to describe the leave status.
  • Save the Changes:
    • After configuring the emoji and text, click Save to apply the settings.
    • The Slack Status Update is now enabled for the selected leave type

Authorize Spock to Update Slack Status for User

Each user must grant permission for Spock to update their Slack status. Here's how users can authorize this feature:

  • Authorize Spock in Slack:
    • In Slack, navigate to the Spock home tab.
    • Click the "Allow Status Update" button.
  • Grant Permission:
    • You’ll be redirected to the authorization page.
    • Click on the "Authorize" button to proceed.
    • Follow the prompts to give Spock permission to update your Slack status.
  • Complete Authorization:
    • After completing the authorization, Spock will now have the ability to automatically update your Slack status when you submit a leave request.
    • To request leave, follow your usual process through Spock.
    • Once approved, your Slack status will reflect the type and duration of your leave automatically.

Reminder: For the Slack Status Update feature to work effectively, all users planning to use this feature must go through the authorization process individually.

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