Request Recurring Leaves

Spock offers requesting recurring leaves (leaves that are repeated weekly). For example, I want homeoffice every Monday and every Friday each week. Spock allows booking such leaves in bulk. It will save you a lot of time.

You can book leave types with no approval and no allowance only. Recurring leave can be only one-day or half-day long.

How to request recurring leaves

  1. Sign-in to Dashboard
  2. Click the Request Leave button
  3. From the left menu select Recurring Leaves
  4. Select Leave Type from the dropdown
    Only leave types without approval and allowance are available.
  5. Select Duration
    - All Day - all day leave
    - AM - half-day leave AM
    - PM - half-day leave PM
  6. Repeat Weekly
    - Check days on which leave will be requested.
    - Only the user's working days are available.
  7. Repeat Start Date
    - The first day when leave can be requested.
  8. Repeat Ends
    - How many weeks will be requesting repeated
    - The first repeat is on the week when the start date was specified
  9. Notes (optional)
    - Notes will be added to every leave request.

When you submit the form, Spock will request leave for each day specified in Repeat Weekly and in the computed date range. You can delete any requested leave later.

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