Public Holidays

Public Holidays are government-approved days that an organization provides for its employees as a day off from work. Holidays act as  non-working days. When you request leave and there is a holiday between the start and end dates, this day is not counted to your leave.

If your team is multinational or geographically spread across more countries you would need to manage holidays for all these groups. Spock offers  Holiday Calendars to solve this issue. You can easily create multiple holiday calendars and assign them to a specific group of employees. 

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You can manage Holidays in   Dashboard > Settings > Holidays

Link: Open Settings in Dashboard

Holiday Calendars

Holiday Calendar represents a list of holidays. You can have multiple holiday calendars, but one has to be  primary (default calendar).

How to create a Holiday Calendar

  1. Go to Settings > Holidays
  2. There is a list of all Holiday Calendars
  3. Click Add Holiday Calendar
  4. Enter Calendar Title and submit the form
  5. Holiday Calendar was created

How to add holidays to the holiday calendar

You can either manually enter holidays manually or import holidays for a specific country.

Import holidays:

  1. Select Holiday Calendar
  2. Click the Import Holidays button
  3. Select Country you want to import holidays from
  4. Select Year
  5. Click Import Holidays
  6. Holidays for specific country and year are imported

Enter holidays manually:

  1. Select Holiday Calendar
  2. Click the New Holiday button
  3. Enter Holiday Name
  4. Select Holiday Date
  5. Click Save
  6. Repeat until all holidays are entered

You can anytime change the name of the holiday or delete it from the holiday calendar. If you want to  change the date of the holiday, you have to delete it first and then create a new one.

Setting primary holiday calendar (Default Calendar)

One holiday calendar has to be Default Calendar. This calendar is used for all members who do not have been assigned to any holiday calendar.

To set holiday calendar as default:

  1. Select Holiday Calendar
  2. Click the Set as Default Calendar button
  3. Holiday Calendar is now the primary calendar

How to delete Holiday Calendar

If the holiday calendar is not in use anymore you can delete it. 

  1. Click Delete All Holidays to delete holidays from the calendar
  2. You can change the year in the top bar by selecting from the dropdown. Repeat until all holidays are deleted.
  3. Then click the Edit Calendar button
  4. Click Delete Holiday Calendar and confirm to delete

All the changes are  instantly propagated in Spock and affect requesting leaves and displaying calendars.

How to Assign Holiday Calendar to User

You can assign any holiday calendar to user:

  1. Go to Members
  2. Select Member, you want to assign new Holiday Calendar
  3. Click Holidays tab
  4. You see the current active calendar and list of holidays
  5. Choose a new Holiday Calendar from the dropdown
  6. Click Change Calendar
  7. The new holiday calendar is already active for given user

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