You can select for leave type to use allowance. Allowance means the number of days a member accrues per year. 

When there is a new member or new period starts member's allowance is accrued by an amount of  default allowance specified in leave type configuration. You can make allowance adjustments for any member anytime.

You can define how to handle it when allowance is exhausted. You can permit to exceed allowance and have a negative balance.

Setup Default Allowance for a Leave Type

You can do it by following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Leave Types.
  2. Select Leave Type which will use allowance.
  3. Check "Has Allowance" on.
  4. Enter yearly default allowance (number of days).
  5. You can permit allowance overrun (it allows to have a negative balance).

Administrator and General Manager can change leave type configuration.

Adjust Allowance for Member

You can adjust the allowance for a specific member.

  1. Go to Members.
  2. Search for the member.
  3. Click to display his profile.
  4. Click the "Allowances" tab.

  5. Find leave type where you want to adjust the allowance.
  6. Click the button "Make Adjustment". Dialog appears.

  7. Enter the new value for allowance.
  8. Optionally you can enter Note, to remember the reason for an adjustment.
  9. Click "Make Adjustment".
  10. Allowance now will be changed and you can see a new record in the history of changes.

Only  General Manager can change the allowance for a member.

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